Unspoken Words

writing for broadcast workshop group 4

The Falmouth based broadcaster and poet, Mac Dunlop has created a new series of educational presentations that explore aesthetics and concepts from a wide range of perspectives.
Using inspirational quotes from the worlds of literature and the arts, his reflections on meaning investigate broader ideas about aesthetics, literature, thought, and the histories of contemporary culture.
This new series of Unspoken Word Lecture/Performances explores how we understand ourselves through creativity, and how we can apply provocation and humour to explorations of  inspiration, imagination and communication.
These lectures are shaped to make a range of topics accessible to graduate and post graduate levels of higher and further education in the creative arts. They explore terms like ‘beauty’ and ‘desire’ alongside seemingly more ‘practical’ topics like ‘facts’ and ‘regeneration’, reflecting on relationships between topics as disparate as Greek Myths and Politician’s expenses.
Unspoken Words have been written to encourage creative thinking and interpretation of the many things that contemplation can discover in a simple definition, idea or word.

find out more about individual Unspoken word Talks Continue reading ‘Unspoken Words Presentations’

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