The Crying Wolf Man


The Crying Wolf Man is the story of a boy who tells lies. As time goes on, life offers up some of it’s secrets, and he finds out that “truth” really is stranger than fiction.

This new storytelling show by Mac Dunlop follows the thread of a lie from beginning to end until it becomes as close to the truth as it is possible to get. Using a mixture of stand up comedy, traditional stories from different cultures, and autobiographical satire, “The Crying Wolf Man” combines theater and storytelling in their oldest and most enduring form. Engaging audiences with a series of unfolding events that take us back to the earliest roots of the spoken word.

Mac is a British based writer, storyteller and radio producer who has
been entertaining audiences with his popular
live broadcasts over the last decade.

His recent collection of short story readings (Unspoken Words, a series of 40 fifteen minute episodes) was commissioned and produced for the London public broadcasting station Resonance FM between 2008 and 2011.  His work has featured on BBC’s ‘The Verb’, as well as Literature festivals, like Port Eliot, The Wonderful Words Festival, and Glastonbury.

“A master of the monologue in action.”
Alyson Hallett, author of The Stone Diaries
‘Mac takes you into his surreal, satirical world with warmth and style.’
Apples and Snakes

“Dunlop differs from other performance poets in that the
words and sentiments he utters come to us from a character
or persona he has adopted. His poems often ask to be read as
dramatic monologues rather than personal lyrics.”
Edward Picot, The Hyperliterature Exchange

to download a printable version of The Crying Wolfman playbill, click here

to find out more, about upcoming shows in your area, or bookings for festivals or theater performances or readings, get in touch by leaving a comment below, or e mail macd(at)

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