Rhyme Time, example of Rap Poem

Rhyme Time

meter is like the pitter patter peter

of little feet along a timeline,

the rhythm is in everything though sometime its a schism or a poet can seem a little wizened with old age (like myself)

oh, I remember the salad days of my youth, although memory doesn’t always remember  the truth,

like if you set eyes upon the setting sun, you know its going to be blinding,

or realize you’ve set sail on this voyage begun finding that you’re  listening

to me and this two step rhyme triping from one word to the next thing that I’m saying is
“penta-meter” – meaning five feet dancing sweet along some spoken word drum beat

bashing out this rhyming scheme like some walking nightmare or day dream whatever

its all syncopated hardcore
that goes right back to the good old days of yester-yore
the line and the hook
of this rhyme and this foot
was like
a tap dancing hoofer that’s the proof
that Shakespeare’s inspired MC’s from F Scott Fitzgerald to Jay-Z, Miss Dynomite, Marley and maybe even the A Team

you see, for me, the last
500 years poetry is like my favourite ice cream
though not always what it seems

becuase sometimes what everyone’s most afraid of is
what’s deep inside
– am I right?

but giving the choice I’d rather my inner voice played these feet beats for the music of my soul,
see, without poetry I don’t feel like a whole
and that’s the role
the poet’s doled
to speak this unspoken music rising up from the deepest holds of our drifting souls.

mac d