The Spoken Word Marquee Lineup for Sunday June 26th’s Parklive Festival

md-isa-session-may19-2016Mac D will perform 3 new sound and voice pieces between 1pm and 1:30pm
“Jo’s Pulse Remains”
On political Assasination and mass murder collaged with digital feedback manipulation.

which also collages recent events, with found text conscious stream and improvised pianoforte
“I just got back from Glastonbury…”
which reflects on ramifications having generational and national consequence using the refrain “I’m not being funny but…”

other performers in the Spoken Word Marquee include
Tom StockleyIMG_4419


co- instigator of Space 37, and Jago’s Monday Night extravaganzas




MCMC Spoken

“MCMC was inspired by rap music from the age of 15. Eminem came onto the car radio and everything stopped. Since that moment MCMC has written and freestyled rap which later developed into spoken word. Her writing tells a story not only through her own two eyes but through how others view and are viewed in this harsh world.”

Mark Crees
presenter of the CHBN Radio show, “Bookmarks” – an eclectic mix of poetry, literature, music and the spoken word. every Thursday from 7 til 8 pm


The 7 Stars Writers, featuring members of The Glasney Research Guild

Tayla Beale
tayla bealeimage
local singer and songwriter

Sleep Cycles

and YOU!
come along with a story poem or your own song too, we’ll have regular open mic sessions throughout the afternoon
see you at Parklive!

Sunday June 26th Spoken Word Marquee Listings

1pm to 5:00pm

1:00pm Mac Dunlop
1:30pm Tom Stockley
2:00pm 7 Stars
2:30pm MCMC Spoken
3:00pm Tanya Beale
3:30pm Sleep Cycles/Open mic
4:00pm Mark Crees
4:30pm open mic


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