Canto B-Sides, saturday feb 13th, 2:20pm Tremough Performance Center, Penryn

canto-b-side-macd-smCanto B Sides


CB-S Collects contradictions inherent in the assumptions of consciousness, and collages them together to form gentle provocations.

Taking as its departure the ideology of the Canto as a principal division of a long poem, the 4 main sections in B Sides span Hellenic myth – from the presumptively classic ideological origins of a ‘western’ shape to defining the conscious mind to considering an understanding of our own modern-ology through an infusion of personal memory within the perimeter of some contemporary cultural structures (gender, political, sonic).
And, if that doesn’t sound fun enough:
These idea-lines are traced within our shared framework or methodology of thinking/thought processing which the author suggest can be viewed as inherently aggressive/violent. The commonality of Classical Greek legend as the origins of democracy also contains an architecture for the power structure of an old elite/aristocracy based on a slave dependent culture that cohabits with a warrior codification/mechanism that encourages invasion, foreign adventure and exploitation.

The celebration of war and its allying death culture has been handed down over thousands of years, reinvigorated along it’s trajectory by poet/translators over the centuries, and re-instigated/revived by European and UK aestheticists throughout the evolvement of the modern nation state.

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