Excerpts and Poetic reviews

poetry-p-press-logotxt-150w‘the dust of reason
settling over thousands of years
faith healed zeros/uncircumcised ones’

(from Rough Start, m.d.)

Thinking in other than couplets, the recent excitement of pamphleteers and their publications reminds of the nebulous nature of social media and its commentary. Reviews of poetry rarely delve too far into negative critique. When they do it is like murder: the murderer stands alone, judged as they themselves judge – perhaps assuming along the way that their thoughts fit into a common weal of sentiment regarding aesthetics quality, or even – that most rare of poetic characteristics – popularity.martyred-memories1-macdunlop


‘the rage of sunrise furrows my brow
beat mid road heat rising
in the distance a shimmering oasis – horizon take note:
is light a metaphor for time or time a light that tunnels end in?’

(from ‘Rough Start’, m.d.)

Performance poetry/spoken word now travels along greater wavelengths than ever, boosted by a multitude of self publishing platforms, and transvestive appropriation into other established forms*
*such as comedy stand up and ‘entertainment’

‘that’s where rouge man dipped his recycled toes
the blood red
salt sea
and scanned the reef face of inland waterways
scoured by eroding hordes of sea based wind
and cloud worshiping demagogues’

(from ‘Rough Start’, m.d.)faces2-macdunlop

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