Painting with Light -The Enigma’s Progress

Painting with Light -The Enigma’s Progress
An exhibition of new works on canvas by The Poetry Point editor Mac Dunlop
on display at Jam Records in Falmouth from November 20th until January 15th 2016
Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:30 am to 5pm

Mac’s visual work is not without controversy as he combines modern digital media with his painting and writing skills. Some consider this style of working to be outside the remit of traditional painting, but experimenting with different techniques is not unusual. There are plenty of examples of using non-painting techniques to make paintings. Consider in the colour paper collages of Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol’s screen print paintings, or even the stencil spray techniques used by contemporary graffiti artists such as Banksy.

Mac Dunlop’s new series introduces the visitor to an array of dramatically coloured imagery combined with poetry on the theme of love.


The artist says:
“Ever since working on my first exhibition of digital imagery “True to LIfe”

in 2008 – a series of fanciful photo adventures that celebrate the King Harry Ferry, I’ve been wrestling with how to involve digital techniques into my painting.”

“I wanted the clean lines that digital production makes possible. At the same time I wanted to contrast mechanical printing with the more expressive lines that you get in handwriting and sketching freehand. Bringing them together creates a unique tension in the same way that placing a particular colour beside another can create a particular mood or atmosphere.”

Mac features in the newly published collection of 26 Cornish writers “A Space to Write”, an intimate account and photographic study of writers and their writing spaces in Cornwall.
His own collection of drawings and cartoons “The Enigma Deviations” was published last year by The Poetry Point Press.
Mac is a professional member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) and works with various Cornish Cultural organisations – Hall for Cornwall, Falmouth Art Gallery, The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery, Kernow Education and Arts Partnership (KEAP) the Indpendent School of Art and Caravanserai. He founded The Poetry Point in 2008 – a website portal to visual art, poetry and spoken word events in Cornwall and the South West. Mac also works as a radio producer, his radio shows air on Cornwall’s The Source Fm, and on London’s Resonance FM.

for more information contact


Location: Jam Records
32 High Street
TR11 2AD

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