National Poetry Day!

Enjoy National Poetry Day! There is a theme of ‘light’ for today’s celebrations, so here is a short poem called ‘Painted Light’ to have with your National Poetry day. BTW, we’ve just become, so don’t forget to bookmark us as

Painted Light

we live inside each other
wearing tennis shoed differences
we call whispering swear words
and bear boats over rivers

we touch candles to headlamps
so cars seem like rainbows
we shout commanding obscenities
and paint with the light

macd 8-10-15

writing workshops with yr 4/5's

writing workshops with yr 4/5’s

P.S. there’s a new page listed in the header above. It’s information about TPP’s recent workshops in Museums and Galleries. (short excerpt below)

Follow this link if you would like to find out more.

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The Poetry Point offers a variety of short courses focused on Poetry and Creative Writing. A new series of workshops have been developed over the last year using visual art and museum collections as inspirational starting points for both one day workshops and longer publication or exhibition based writing activities. Follow this link to read more.poetry-p-press-logotxt-150w

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