Road to Automata published by TPP in ebook format

poetry point press logo+txtHere is a link to the eprint version of Road to Automata a collaboration between The Poetry Point’s editor Mac Dunlop, Falmouth Art Gallery, and Penryn College. The Project was funded by the Max Reinhardt Literacy Trust, and engage, with support from the National Association of Writers in Education.

road-front+back-smRoad-group-at-FAG‘The boys enjoyed the practical aspect of making automata and their visit to Falmouth Art Gallery. The follow-up sessions allowed their imagination to have free rein, with the result that some very creative writing and interesting art work has been achieved.
They are very keen to see their work in print. As their teacher, I feel it is important to allow them to be able to write and create for a real audience and for them to see that the effort and enthusiasm they demonstrated in taking part in the project is appreciated.’

L. Herring, Penryn College


‘For our part we were delighted to welcome the students to the Art Gallery where they were inspired by our unique collection of automata to make their own creative responses in 3D, 2D and writing. The students were fully engaged with this project and I think this shines out of their writing. Well done to all concerned!We are very grateful to the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust, ‘engage’ and the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE) for selecting this project as one of only three pilots in the country to get an inaugural Max Reinhardt Literacy Award.

Henrietta Boex,
Falmouth Art Gallery


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