By Rote – a new poem and thoughts on

poetry point press logo1By Rote is a new poem considering the self reflective in reflecting on recent events.

Artist and Critical thinker Marc Garrett posits the view that
“It is no longer critical, innovative, experimental, avant-garde, visionary, evolutionary, or imaginative to ignore the large issues testing civilization. If we … shy away from what other people are experiencing in their daily lives and do not examine, represent and respect their stories, we quite rightly should be considered as part of an irrelevant elite, and seen as saying nothing to most people.” (garrett 2013)

Heath Bunting

Similarly, Naomi Klein refers to the Greenpeace Blogger Keith Stewart’s recent post on the relevance of the arts to change:
“We need both poetry and prose to change the world. Poetry reminds us that a different world is even possible, while prose lays out the roadmap to get there.”

ThePoetryPoint has posted previously on similar themes, on the poet Carolyn Forche’s seminal story-poem “The Colonel” , in relation to ‘not knowing’¬† with the call and response story-poem¬† The Colonel Returns

here is a new work following a similar path through ‘not knowing’ and ‘attempting to represent’ the personal, the mediated, and respect for:

By Rote – md5-9-15-beach-waiter1-macdsm

Know these things: that humans come in all sorts,
Across the seas, overland, on foot, boat, by the lorry load

The jungle is full of them – you could write a book, a
Live action film – things are thought better of for being past

Everyone being long dead, instead of tear gas faced
Or crying to camera, carrying other worlds in their pockets

I know these things, go through my heart every nano second like a quark
Beauty burnishing the echelons, hungering the escaping heat

Crossing paths with cross hair eyes, panic turned to terror
Laying down in the path of things – mute swan ditch protector

Cobble shoed leathered weathered on the edge of razor fence
The barrel bomber – someone pushed someone is – the faceless crew
The falling through, the sun-melt dew, the favoured few,

Know these things thus.



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