Pieces of 8 – stories from the salty air

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Pieces of 8 is a collection of audio poems and stories commissioned by Fascinate 2014.  The stories have a designated QR code each, and a specific location in Falmouth to which they are attached.  Overall, the eight pieces connect with each other across the span of the town, from the old to the new, the fictional to true.

A series of audio allegories from writer and producer Mac Dunlop that take you on a journey around Falmouth town, from Greenbank Gardens to Tunnel Beach near Gyllingvase. These wide eyed audio tales have been spun to reflect upon each story’s position on a map of Falmouth, and the workings of a writer’s imagination.

well, when I say 'dead'...

well, when I say ‘dead’…

There are eight Salty Tales in all, in part inspired by the old gold coin known as a Spanish Dollar, which could be split into 8 pieces of smaller currency known as “Reals”, or “royals” (where the term “pieces of eight originally comes from). Listeners and readers can contemplate the value of one or two pieces as they travel around Falmouth, or get a map at the Fascinate Information Point on The Moor during the Tall Ships Festival and set off on a journey round town to gather up the complete set of Pieces of Eight.



check out the QR codes and link below. If you find a problem connecting, do let us know, it’s all a bit new here!

Pieces of 8

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