Re-musing: A 10 point plan to avoid writer’s block!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about writer’s block lately and it’s made me think that there’s a need for a handy series of tips to make the whole process  more manageable.  So after some extensive research into prevaricating, time waste management and general motivational issues, I’ve come up with a ten point plan. I hope this solution strategy can assist poets and writers who regularly find themselves struggling with a failing Muse.


mac dunlop

ReMusing Strategy

1) just write any damn thing!

2) take your ideas for a walk.

3) if you haven’t got any ideas, enjoy the time off!

4) read, read, read!

5) dust off something old, and do some editing

6) keep calm and carry on

7) check your printer inks, fantasize about buying an expensive pen, or a one off personalized new notebook (if you’ve already done all of this, see point #1)

8) write a letter to a publisher describing your struggle (a real letter, that needs a stamp and everything – you can decide whether to send it later)

9) don’t try to convince yourself that writing a story about someone with writer’s block would be really really interesting!

10) stop seeing it as a problem and celebrate experiencing the world without having to describe everything.  (Then try point #1 again)

(p.s. don’t forget to keep checking into the Poetry Point Press for the latest news, reviews, and publications)


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