‘Suddenly Everything’ Alyson Hallett’s New Collection of Poetry is out now

Alyson Hallett: Suddenly Everything

Suddenly Everything is a book full of marvels in which Alyson Hallett sees the world – whether it’s a ‘hare in the moon’ in Mexico, the detritus of Istanbul, or the cliffs, footpaths, beaches, and wildlife of her native England – as if for the first time. Her freshness of vision and freedom of spirit are in the great Romantic tradition, yet she has shaped her own unique sensibility and crafted enduring verse from her questing soul, perceptive eye, and wonderful ear for music.”

James Harpur

Suddenly Everything, Alyson Hallett’s new collection, is rich in observed intensities, the poems radiating out from the molten core of this poet’s imagination and sensibility. Place, and the inwardness of place, human relationship, memory, and travel are the compelling themes here. The poet’s energy is productively engaged with the experiencing and voicing of the world in all its richness, while challenge and disruption are darker elements which this poet also explores and masters. Her work reveals a searching, scrupulous intelligence and an exciting willingness to engage language and experience at the deepest level, while retaining measure and control in form and content.”

Penelope Shuttle

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