Falmouth Poetry Group celebrates a 40th anniversary with the launch of Penelope Shuttle’s Anthology

Last Saturday,  the Flushing Sailing Club saw a grand gathering of poets and writers from across Cornwall who came together to celebrate FPG and Penelope Shuttle’s new anthology “Unsent” published by Bloodaxe Books.

“Continually surprising, her sprightly imagination combines the historic, the mythic and the erotic with the everyday. These sparkling collisions elucidate and illuminate the human condition in richly textured language and with a sharp and sometimes mischievous eye. Inventive, sensual, sustaining and, for all its dream-like allusions, unfailing, unflinchingly real” PBS Bulletin

here’s some photos from the event, taken by fellow writer Alyson Hallett






click below to see what Falmouth Poetry Group 40th anniversary events are coming up this year:


Falmouth Poetry Group (one of the longest-running poetry groups in the UK) is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a season of poetry readings and workshops with some important poets. This is an amazing opportunity – one that doesn’t come our way very often – to hear them and take part in their workshops. These events will not only bring good poets to the county, but give them a chance to hear some of our work, in workshops, and in the Open Hat* sessions – a feature unique to Cornwall. See relevant month for details of each event.

16th March – Penelope Shuttle book launch

13th April – Mimi Khalvati reading

14th April – Mimi Khalvati workshop

6th June – Kate Foley and Alisdair Paterson reading

8th June – Kate Foley workshop

27th June – Anne-Marie Fyfe reading at the Poly

29th June – Anne-Marie Fyfe workshop

September – reading by Wes Magee

November – readings by Helen Jagger-Wood and Lorna Thorpe

The Falmouth Poetry Group

meets every second Monday of the month at 7.00 pm in Cornwall Polytechnic library, Church Street, Falmouth.  FPG members £2, non-members £3 per session.  Poems are read aloud by the poet, then discussed and work-shopped before the poet comes back in.  Criticism is acute and professional (always friendly) but can be very helpful.  FPG annual subscription is £10).  For more info contact: moira.andrew@uwclub.net.


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