The Story Republic – a KEAP programme for 2013 and 2014

Over the next two years KEAP are experimenting with the concept of The Story Republic and how various audiences interact with it.

The Story Republic is a programme of work in schools to support literacy through the arts.

The Story Republic is a writer space, a shop of stories, whose shelves are packed with inspiration and ideas, whose floors are a labyrinth of secret places and treasure troves to encourage explorations and incite the senses. Think writer’s shed and the museum of the unexpected designed to inspire the writer, engage the public and elicit the creative in us all.

The Story Republic celebrates the story and its place in our culture. It aims to explore and illuminate how a story or stories are moulded, transformed and re-drafted into other cultural forms be that creative writing, dance, music, art or drama.

The Story Republic launch during the Vital Spark Festival in Liskeard on 9 March.
Look out for us in Falmouth during the Fal River Festival in May.
Residency at The Exchange inPenzance from 24 July to 4 August.

KEAP are currently recruiting writers in education and will be sending out briefs for artists and designers in January.

To find out more contact


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