A poem by Penny Shuttle and more about the Caravanserai Yuletide night of poetry and music at The Courtyard Deli

This beautiful poem was published in today’s Guardian newspaper
Before Dawn by Penny Shuttle

Come and join Penny Shuttle at the Caravanserai Yuletide Cabaret and Dinner at Falmouth’s Courtyard Deli on December 5th and 6th
Get in touch with the courtyard deli on 01326 319526 to book your table
check out the menu (created by Rae Pollard) and the show below:

Watercress & Rosewater Soup with Ras-El-Hanout Roasted Chickpeas and Sweet Potato
Home-Baked Bread & Dukkah Dip
Roasted Chicken with Fragrant Clementine & Fennel Seeds
Served with Egyptian Rice
Veggie Option
Roasted Sweet Potato & Fig
Served with Egyptian Rice
Arabic Petit Fours:
Warm Pistachio Baklava
Chocolate & Prune Truffle
Tahini Cookies
Rob Barratt
The Bard of Bodmin
Penelope Shuttle
Forward Prize and T.S. Elliot Poetry Prize nominee
Dan O’Shea
Bouzouki and Mandolin Balladeer
Helen Spear,
accordion specialist in Klezmer Music, dance songs of celebration
along with your Caravanserai host, Mac Dunlop
Caravanserai Yuletide
Dec 5th and 6th

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