Caravanserai Fireside Session Wednesday Aug 24th

This week, Caravanserai hosts Nick Jarvis, a poet whose writing is inspired by identity, and thinking about who we are.  Sometimes that isn’t always the same as who we think we are, or who we think we are supposed to be.  Check out his lovely cartoon poem here

along with J & B:

When it comes to music, Jamie and Bea give
meaning to the word ‘passion’. With a
catalogue of classic and contemporary tunes
in their repetoire, we’ll all be tapping away as
the sparks fly into the night sky, and mingle
with the stars.


Hosted by the regularily dubious and sporadically incisive Mac Dunlop

the event is free, starts at 7pm, with a bring and share BBQ, but be prepared to get yourself home (last King Harry Ferry is at 21:30 from the Roseland)

check out Treloan here