‘Alive and Live Only’ the new CD release of live recordings

‘Alive and Live Only’ is a series of comic storytelling episodes recorded with a live audience.
Originally written and broadcast as weekly radio shows, the live recordings of
‘Unspoken Words’ have become popular events in their own right.

Anything from changing a lightbulb to making a cup of tea can spark one off –
did we mention the time he got invited round to the Geographer’s house for dinner…?

‘Alive and Live Only’ gives the listener a front row seat with a bird’s ear view.
‘A master of the monologue in action.’
Alyson Hallett, author – The Stone Library

‘Mac takes you into his surreal,
satirical world with warmth and style.’
Mel Scaffold, Apples and Snakes

‘Alive and Live Only’ includes:
the one about Ubiquity,
the one about Entropy,
the one about getting Wet,
the one about Ideas,
and the one about Geography,

‘In the hands of someone like Dunlop,
performance can encompass
a whole range of different styles,
and crowd-pleasing entertainment
is only one of them.’
Ed Picot, Editor, Hyperliterature Exchange

Each episode is about 15 minutes long
which means this CD will absorb
approximately one hour and fifteen minutes
of your down time.

try it out for real at: Alive and Live Only – the one about Ideas

enquiries: bespokenwords(at)yahoo.co.uk