Falmouth Art Gallery curator Brian Stewart dies

Brian was very supportive of the Poetry Point Project and helped establish it through a series of workshops in partnership with Falmouth Library, and Cornwall Records Office.  The workshops were enabled through funding from the “Young Cultural Creators” scheme.  We used the exhibition, discussing the paintings and everyone’s ideas before sitting down in the gallery and jotting down our thoughts.  These ‘sketches’ then formed part of the final ‘Can’t Write, Won’t Write’ publication written illustrated and edited by the young creators themselves, a copy of which is catalogued and archived in the Records Office Archive.

Brian was also supportive of local artists, on seeing my own exhibition “True to Life” installed and inspired by the King Harry Ferry, he commissioned a new work “The Adventures of the King Harry Ferry” for the FAG’s collection as part of an exhibition celebrating the bicentennial of Darwin’s Voyage to the Galapagos Islands.

He was always open to new ideas, tireless in his enthusiasm, and very funny, as anyone who heard him speak in public will know.

For more information about Brian and the circumstances of his passing, visit the Packet here


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