Carrick Roads on The Source FM

Just listened to a new episode of the radio soap ‘Carrick Roads’ tonight ( 7:30 pm Mondays,
There’s a long list of characters that makes you a bit dizzy when you first listen in, but it’s well put together and rolls with a sequential rhythm, so that by the time All the Fires theme tune rolls around again at the end, getting to know the characters has been all too brief.
From teenage pregnancy to maritime disasters, the radio show that bigger than the sum of its parts doesn’t stray from thinking globally by acting locally, businesses struggling,  drug dealing round the back of the church, its got the balance right between being of one community as of many.
Carrick Roads, 96.1 fm -falmouth/penryn or webcast on
Mondays at 19:30 GMT
Fridays at 15:00 GMT

BTW, here’s some previous episodes