Vesper Mouse Trail 24th of November

Caroline Carver took us on a mouse trail to a house at Tregew,
and through it to the bower.
it was a dark and stormy night
but good company, a circle of quiet poetry and writing.


a mystery
a poem
some rice and pea
some jamaican rum cake
a splash of ginger wine
a sip of sloe gin
a wash of beer

and a Poem:



Neither walls nor stone
carapace shell echoes
underpin the drying paint

Nor the wild tracks in the rain
muttering through leaf and bower

Nor the drip – metal bell chime
erratic tock of night

The hosts return
the door only briefly
one decahedron sided shell

Imagine the warmth
t-shirt thick
solid as light at night
piercing silhouettes
like body armour
saving frail skin from sliding paths

perfection gathering instructions scrawled
into recipes

a dozen breaths but one whispering to owls
as the roof pelts ricocheted rain
heavenward in the dark
tear ghosts splashing up
together in this food

the scrawls, a page tearing
spiral bound notes ripping
the sound of night driving back the sky
road black, cloud black
streets and stone
glisten and glow


I thought of you
and my phone was off
I wanted to say
and see if we
by chance
had seen
the same dream
in passing
of your father’s house
of how it holds
against the day.

24/11/10    mac dunlop