Unspoken Words, the 10 episode mp3 CD release

Unspoken Words is a weekly 15 minute radio show that humorously explores a single word, and what a single word can inspire.
It started on Falmouth/Penryn’s own ‘The Source Fm’ in 2009, and continues to goes out weekly, every Wednesday in the drive time slot at 5pm.

Now the latest 10 episode release of Unspoken Words is available on mp3 CD
exclusively from The Poetry Point, so now you can listen anytime you want.

These 10 episodes from the 2010 series of ‘Unspoken Words” comprise two and a
half hours of broadcast quality storytelling, poetry and monologues.
Episodes range from the issue of ‘ethics’ – when a friend loses their job –
to the impecunious value of ‘money’, you can listen to a discourse by a poet
who doesn’t want to ‘rhyme’, or take a trip down the health food shop to see
whether or not ‘size’ really does matter!
find out more about broadcasts, upcoming performances and writing courses here at
The Poetry Point blog:
Or tune in on Wednesdays at 5pm 96.1fm in Falmouth/Penryn, or online at

‘In the hands of someone like Dunlop, performance poetry can encompass a
whole range of different styles, and crowd-pleasing entertainment is only
one of them.’
Edward Picot, Editor, Hyperliterature Exchange

To order your copy or for further information, get in touch with The Poetry
Point and Unspoken Words writer/producer, Mac Dunlop at:


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