Sealing The Fate of Neutral Norway

Just got back from the fifth  ‘The Fate of Neutral Norway” event (thurs Nov 18th) at the Poly in Famouth (thurs Nov 18th).  The Daniel Room” was packed with a hundred people, a small stage at the far end by the window, an exhibition covering the walls, and a bar at the back. Alsyon Hallett and I had gone down not knowing what to expect, and the poetry began at about half eight. TFONN is a Falmouth/Penryn based Poets collective that has organised 5 of these downtown events so far.  The enthusiasm for poetry is as infective as you can wish, at times if felt like we could have been transported to a Beat happening in 60’s Greenwich Village NYC, or a night at Brighton’s ZAP Club.

anyway, check this link to The Fate of Neutral Norway and their future events