Unspoken Words Talks and Presentations

Unspoken Words, Episode 17
‘Humour – from Einstein to Judy Garland’
Was recorded in front of a live audience on Tuesday October 27th as part of the “TellTales’ evening at Babahogs Café, Falmouth.

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Unspoken Words is:

Unspoken Words is an ongoing and growing lexicography, written, performed and broadcast to encourage creative thinking, interpretation and contemplation, all from reflecting on a single word at a time.
This new series explores how we understand ourselves through creativity, imagination and communication, exploring aesthetics, literature, thought, and the histories of contemporary culture.
‘Unspoken Words’ reflects on terms like ‘beauty’ and ‘desire’ alongside apparently more definitive topics like ‘facts’ and ‘regeneration’, finding relationships between issues as disparate as Greek Myths and Politician’s expenses.

The Presentations:

Fact – meditations on facts, and the source of nothing in fact –
‘Scientific, Empirical, evidence of rights and wrongs. Ingredients in our recipes for justice and fair play. The basic Human tendency is to rely on empirical evidence as a basic root of knowledge. Fact in effect relies on definitive states.  But even a vacuum is full of something…’

Regeneration, Dreams, and the meaning of ‘Country’
‘We only really seem to be aware of the fragile nature of progress when the buildings that once were are no longer, and the ones that will be have yet to take their place.  If we could stop regeneration in the middle, in the state between tearing down and erecting anew, our cities would be frozen in a state of bombed out de-construction, naked without its skin of surfaces, half formed.’

Politics, Beauty and Desire
‘Is ‘to want’ simply a desire for power? Who would be a politician anyway, where is politics in our daily lives? Is beauty just another form of power, patriarchal power, the weakness of flesh.  Does desire drive us to form elites? Is desire a provenance of will, something we mindfully push ourselves toward?’

Intelligence, the existence of God, Laws and Government
‘I heard a futurologist on the radio explaining the possiblity that in 25 years or so, we will no longer be trying to make computers that are intelligent – we will be sitting back watching computers that are already more intelligent than us, make new computers that are even more intelligent than themselves.’