Proposing the ‘All Abroad” Sound Art Project for the Fal

ALL ABROARD – Stories from Fal River Berths

Collecting stories and tales from distant shores

An Exchange of stories and conversation with the ‘Skeleton Crews’ of International Cargo Carriers lain up in the Fal River.


“Near the King Harry Ferry just south of Truro, you suddenly glimpse the giant ships – car carriers, bulk carriers, banana boats…there are Filipinos, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Ukranian and Bulgarian sailors with little access to the outside world.”
Guardian Newspaper, 31/01/09

“There’s a real issue with boredom…they are very vulnerable people…they are effectively on floating prisons.”
Louise Carter, Port Chaplain, Falmouth.

‘Skeleton Crews” Interview by Steven Morris


The Sound Artist and Writer Mac Dunlop proposes to visit vessels currently lain up in the Fal River to record personal and traditional stories that catch a flavour of the international cultures these Fal River “Skeleton Crews” carry with them even while living on the River.


Educational storytelling workshops in schools and community centres – cultural exchange by bringing traditional and personal stories from mariners into local communities. (I have been in discussion with with Simon Marley, Head of Kea Community Schoo, Kea regarding the idea of poetry and creative writing workshops to co-incide with the River Fal Festival)

Encouraging storytelling and creative writing in communities around the Fal through exploring this traditional function of the river, Encourage connections with local organisations like the Mission to Seafarers, at Falmouth Docks.
Performance events which showcase the exchange of stories and music that has influenced and become part of Cornish Culture throughout its history.

“Boarding Party” sorties to and from the lain up ships. These “Boarding Parties” up the Fal could also ferry donations and gifts for the sailors in co ordination with local seafarer charities, etc.

In general, ‘All Abroad’ can lead to both performative events, and radio broadcasting opportunities ( such as The Source Community Radio which I am already involved with), while producing a legacy/archive as a cultural and educational resource available region-wide after the project has completed.

The stories will become part of performance events at local venues as well as a permanent archive Audio archive that can be available on CD and for radio and internet broadcast such as “The Source” – Falmouth and Penryn’s Community Radio Station, and Radio Cornwall.

Events and activities could spread around the River, incorporating Carrick, The Roseland, with Truro and its surroundings.

m.d. March 2009


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